04: Tea Time in the Foggy Apple

All of your favorite wrestlers take to the London skies in their balloon-based aircraft of choice with Matt and Ron trailing not too far behind. Come along as your boys discuss the wounded beast, high school drama, and a very exciting tag match featuring the translucent man himself. There's also another riveting discussion regarding the WWE's representation of race and sexuality, because like most things in life, it's always two steps forward and one hacky step back.

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Clips discussed this week:

  • Injured Braun and Stormin' Roman: https://youtu.be/hK5U4wO8r4Q
  • Nia and Alexa's backstage bliss: https://youtu.be/f1BR5-0alI4
  • Tag team turmoil: https://youtu.be/pDRoqNWC2IE
  • Cesaro and Sheamus post-match: https://youtu.be/gBpSXJwW0so
  • SDL Opening Segment: https://youtu.be/ipI1Nsi0hF4
  • Breezango's Fashion Files - Episode 2: https://youtu.be/Z1wm_I78qXM
  • The Usos making some regrettable comments: https://youtu.be/mDVDWLwqIdQ
  • SDL Women match: https://youtu.be/SG5P06dChYA